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7th Jan, 2019 01:51:26 PM

Yeah the rule is most recent English translation/localization/dub. The only time Japanese names are kept is if they're kept in English translations too or if a work never was localized into English in any fashion.

8th Jan, 2019 10:00:32 AM

I'd say it'd be easier when listing examples on a character page to put both the japanese and english names side by side. I notice when some people name examples they only use either the japanese name or the english name. This can get unbelievably confusing for people only exposed to one or the other.

8th Jan, 2019 05:45:07 PM

^ Both names should be listed in the heading, at the very least. The original language exists, so we shouldn't completely ignore the original Japanese set of names.

8th Jan, 2019 10:22:05 PM

You could add Dub Name Change examples that list the original names alongside the localized names, if such examples don't already exist.

9th Jan, 2019 07:31:28 AM

The Glitter Force pages are still Pretty Cure aimed. I don't think it has another English dub, so the names should be changed, right?

9th Jan, 2019 08:23:41 AM

There is Glitter Force and Glitter Force Doki Doki at the current moment.

9th Jan, 2019 09:17:24 AM

^ DokiDoki! PreCure hasn't been renamed Glitter Force Doki Doki and both it and Pretty Cure use the Japanese character names. For that matter, so does Tokyo Mew Mew.

9th Jan, 2019 09:57:49 AM

Odds are, they aren't going to use the English names in any crossover events.

9th Jan, 2019 01:23:03 PM

^ Irrelevant. At least on the pages for the work, use the English names that the work uses.

There is currently an ongoing discussion in the forums about changing the naming policy, but even if it passes, PreCure won't be affected.

The only reason the move/rename hasn't happened is that no one wants to do it.

9th Jan, 2019 04:34:37 PM

I know it's not a fair comparison, but Precure is a sister franchise to Kamen Rider and Super Sentai which shares a lot of their formula, and it feels kind of weird that their adaptations get separate pages but Precure's doesn't. Especially when Power Rangers, Masked Rider and Glitter Force are all Cut And Paste Translations created by Saban.

Edited by Prime32
9th Jan, 2019 04:45:56 PM

Not all Power Rangers are cut and paste and they do have different story then the Japanese equivalent. I think the only anime that i know that have separates pages base on adaptation are Voltron and GoLion. But surprisingly enough not Ghost Stories.

Edited by WhirlRX
10th Jan, 2019 05:56:16 AM

^^^ Why would Precure be an exception?

10th Jan, 2019 07:26:17 AM

Most likely since its a Long Runner that hardly have any dubs,3 so far, and fans would rather referred to their Japanese named then their English name.

10th Jan, 2019 10:51:34 AM

^ What fans prefer doesn't matter as long as it's the rule. I know many who use "Satoshi" over "Ash" but site rules say that the English names matter first.

10th Jan, 2019 12:19:35 PM

Regarding fans, Precure was designed for Multiple Demographic Appealnote  - the first series was explicitly targeted at both girls aged 4-9 and men aged 18-30, and nowadays it's been running long enough that it also tries to provide nostalgia for women who grew up watching it. AFAIK Glitter Force is targeted only at the first group, so the number of tropers who would write from its perspective is limited.

By contrast Pokémon has been a huge presence in the Anglosphere for decades, to the point where the English names have entered into Pop-Cultural Osmosis and it's practically impossible for someone to know of Takeshi before they do Brock. And while the Pokémon anime had only one official translation, the same isn't true here - both Precure and Glitter Force shows are available on English-language streaming services.

10th Jan, 2019 01:52:29 PM

I wonder where the people who say "Glitter Force is the way to go" were when the Futari Wa Pretty Cure dub was made. Its THE most recent translation and the original Title is a bunch of gibberish for the non-fans. Its the most recent translation! Better put Hannah and Natalie in place of Honoka and Nagisa.

10th Jan, 2019 02:09:53 PM

^ That needs changing too.

10th Jan, 2019 02:39:57 PM

^^ It's region-locked so I can't confirm, but this is on Crunchyroll and it uses the Japanese names in the description.

Edited by Prime32
10th Jan, 2019 03:34:17 PM

The First Pretty Cure was dubbed in Canada but only the first season. Looks like Crunchyroll only has the subs and go with the Japanese name which is the latest version.

Edited by WhirlRX
10th Jan, 2019 03:51:27 PM

Tokyo Mew Mew should be kept because the manga translation came after the 4Kids dub and uses the original character and series names.

10th Jan, 2019 06:14:00 PM

^^ Is Crunchroll considered official enough?

10th Jan, 2019 07:10:29 PM

Its an official site that has licensed to a series. How is that not official enough?

This is going to be moved to a discussion page soon.

11th Jan, 2019 09:02:21 AM

^ Discussion pages rarely get anything done since few visit them.