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16th Dec, 2018 09:53:36 AM

It's worth mentioning that some of those "Signature Scenes" are actually single lines of dialogue while others are whole books (in, say, SignatureScene.Literature). For The Divine Comedy, the signature "scene" is "Virgil guiding Dante through Hell," which is the entire first installment (The Inferno).

Edited by WaterBlap
21st Dec, 2018 08:54:27 AM

Coincidentally, I had noticed this myself a few days before this was posted. I too am curious.

Edited by StardustSoldier
21st Dec, 2018 11:19:56 AM

Couldn't tell you, but if there's a good case for a trope actually being YMMV, you can take it up in TRS.

22nd Dec, 2018 10:03:41 AM

I think there's a good case for a clean-up effort, as entire installments (e.g. entire books) can't possibly be construed as "scenes." I'm not sure whether that's also true for a TRS effort, but that ultimately depends on what's presented in the OP, I guess.

22nd Dec, 2018 11:02:00 AM

I had the impression that it referred to less of a literal scene & more to the scene or image people conjure when they think of the work, hence the Divine Comedy example.

22nd Dec, 2018 01:01:26 PM

Even then, it's too vague. Like saying the LOTR's scene is "Bilbo going to Mordor" or "Bilbo trying to destroy the One Ring, " "A fellowship trying to destroy a ring," etc.

So I guess my issue with that example is two-fold: it's not a "scene" and it's too vague.

22nd Dec, 2018 01:03:47 PM

Sounds like there's two potential clean-ups: Signature Line being potential YMMV, and Signature Scene for clarifying how broad "scene" is.


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