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Fighteer MOD
12th Dec, 2018 03:05:52 PM

I've suspended that troper for the rules violation.

12th Dec, 2018 03:33:42 PM

Can you find a mirror of the comic? Because a lot of the tropes had links to specific comics and every one of them now leads to an empty blog. The page in general needs to be updated.

Also was there a Trivia or YMMV page at some point? Were those deleted at some point?

12th Dec, 2018 03:50:14 PM

I guess by looking on Google, there isn't a true or official mirror, but bits and pieces of the comic are archived across some sites and on Google Images.

This apparently is the artist's Twitter, but I can't find anything public about the comic outside a past Twitter convo that showed this is who made the comic. I don't have Twitter, so I'm unable to DM Yayster about it. Yayster hasn't publicly posted about it since that one mention.

13th Dec, 2018 08:33:09 AM

Sorry for the double post, but the Internet Archive had managed to archive some of the comic if it can be of help to keep the article from being kicked over to Darth Wiki.


13th Dec, 2018 02:42:08 PM

That's great! Hopefully I can still pick out the mentioned comics.


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