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10th Dec, 2018 01:07:52 PM

I think a reminder would suit best.

10th Dec, 2018 01:52:12 PM

Probably would've been a good idea to link to the Scrappy cleanup thread discussion, but since this is an edit war now, a mod should probably give them a tap on the shoulder and tell them why such behavior isn't allowed on the wiki.

10th Dec, 2018 01:58:39 PM

Yeah, it would be better to link the thread but even without that, readding it verbatim without so much as an edit reason is a huge misstep.

Hell, the initial edit reason for adding it was so chock full of Weasel Words ("this is a debatable entry, but it may not be unfair") that he had to know it being challenged was likely.

10th Dec, 2018 02:10:36 PM

An Edit War is not on for any reason. The troper needs to knock it off, pronto.

Edited by gjjones
11th Dec, 2018 02:34:27 PM

It was added, deleted, and then added again. It's an Edit War at this point.

12th Dec, 2018 05:57:11 AM

Deleted the entry, citing this thread and the Scrappy Cleanup thread. Got a few P Ms from Trailblazer asking why, and saying he won't go to any threads to "bicker over a silly disagreement," but did seem like he would drop the issue (in a "I'm too good for this" way, mind you, but still).

12th Dec, 2018 07:59:03 AM

The issue is that they re-added without any edit reason the same entry that was already deleted with a valid reason that's even endorsed by a cleanup thread. That's grounds for Edit War. This isn't some "bicker over a silly argument", it's blatant disregard for rules and lack of cooperation with fellow tropers.

12th Dec, 2018 10:23:04 AM

They also put a spot of natter on NightmareFuel.Wolfenstein The New Order just before their suspension yesterday.

12th Dec, 2018 10:34:49 AM

Okay, so we have

  • Blatant mis-usage of The Scrappy
  • Edit warring
  • Natter
  • And a bad attitude over the issue, clearly refusing to understand the actual problem

12th Dec, 2018 10:55:52 AM

If we want to be nitpicky, also Example Indentation because when they added a second The Scrappy example, they did so just by adding a second bullet, rather than moving the first example to a second bullet.


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