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6th Dec, 2018 09:14:57 AM

Sealed Evil in a Can talks about it in its 4th paragraph.

6th Dec, 2018 01:50:47 PM

Gone Horribly Right if the villain really wanted to awake the sealed evil, just did not foresee the logical consequences.

Evil Is Not a Toy for releasing a force of evil which you cannot control.

(Turned Against Their Masters is another possible way this can play out.)

6th Dec, 2018 02:40:52 PM

^ Thatís when a villain accidentally makes things better for the heroes. In this example the villain instead made things much worse for everyone than he intended.

6th Dec, 2018 04:24:50 PM

Seconding Evil Is Not a Toy for the specific situation you mention, but in rare cases you can have a villainous Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!. (The rare part is that it requires the villain to be trying to fix something as opposed to simply making things worse than they intended ala Evil Is Not A Toy or Gone Horribly Right)

Also noting that your example naturally leads into Evil Versus Oblivion as the villain now has to help save the world so they have something left to take over.

Edited by Scorpion451