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5th Dec, 2018 08:13:03 PM

Depends on where you plan on moving them to, really. Subpages for fictional/unpublished works are not what we host, though some can be integrated into the primary JFF page (stuff like Funny/, Heartwarming/, etc.).

Edited by nombretomado
5th Dec, 2018 10:54:30 PM

Mostly that, then. I was going to suggest essentially treating them the same as "A-D", "E-J" type pages 9not sure the proper term) and the practical upshoot is that all that'd really need to be done is switch the positions of the last two parts of the url, so instead of it being "pmwiki/supage-type/noexistent-media", it'd be "pmwiki/nonexistent-media/subpage-type", but if integrating it works, that's fine too. I just think they should have been moved somewhere, anywhere, rather than just getting nuked, which seems to be what happened.

Fighteer MOD
6th Dec, 2018 05:38:19 AM

The examples should be merged into the JFF page. If that causes the article to become too long, then... oh well. People going overboard with them doesn't justify making an exception to our rules. Articles for made-up or unpublished works do not get subpages.

Edited by Fighteer
6th Dec, 2018 05:38:23 PM

I wasn't saying it would, I was saying "use same/similar procedure", but at this point that's distinction without difference. If Merging is the rule, merging is the rule, and I get that. So since merging is the rule, is restoring and merging those pages an option, rather than simply having what got nuked stay gone?

6th Dec, 2018 06:53:22 PM

Knowing what subpages you were asking about would help.

8th Dec, 2018 05:18:47 PM

For me, it would be the Daring Do subpages, but I'm sure there's others who feel similarly about other pages that got nuked, so I was trying to keep this as general as possible.


8th Dec, 2018 05:46:34 PM

Are any of the Daring Do subpages applicable to The Daring Do Adventure Collection? They could be moved there.

14th Dec, 2018 07:42:42 PM

No, it's a fictionalized version of the series that got started here before those books were made for real.

Edited by Scrounge
14th Dec, 2018 07:55:54 PM

So none of those subpages contain any information that could apply to the real books?

Edited by Mickoonsley19