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4th Dec, 2018 03:45:25 PM

That or troll.

A link to the Tropes Finder entry. Link in op wasn't working (the end parentheses got caught in it)

Edited by sgamer82
5th Dec, 2018 12:13:55 AM

Suspended them from queries, it's not clear to me from the edit history what is "really bizarre."

5th Dec, 2018 05:10:54 AM

I noticed that the editor in question edited a trope around the same time as they posted in TF that has the word "bitch" in it's title, maybe the two are connected? - like they were looking for the trope page and didn't understand the search function or something

5th Dec, 2018 05:50:11 AM

^Yeah, there are edits on the Bitch in Sheep's Clothing page, so that query title was probably meant for the search bar. As for the question of whether this is a ban evader, I think this is someone else, and the username choice is a coincidence.

Edit: The worst I'm seeing from the edits are ZCEs and improper formatting. That's not good, but I wouldn't call it weird.

Edited by GastonRabbit