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3rd Dec, 2018 05:49:27 PM

I don't think that's it.

3rd Dec, 2018 06:08:29 PM

Hmm, is there any general trope about contemporary things in general being looked at as classics in the future?

3rd Dec, 2018 06:22:34 PM

^ It's simply an inevitability and thus not a trope.

3rd Dec, 2018 06:55:15 PM


Edited by eroock
3rd Dec, 2018 06:58:14 PM

Similarly to Famous, Famous, Fictional, it will often consist of a list of two things we consider classics today and then a contemporary piece to indicate that it has entered into the annals of history. From A Miracle of Science:

Benjamin: I sometimes listen to music. The classics, like Bach and Prokofiev and the Beatles.

5th Dec, 2018 03:05:39 AM

^x3: While arguably inevitable, it's still a trope because:

  • It's typically used as a joke.
  • Tells us something about the setting (that it's far in the future, how they view out present, etc).
  • Is a recognisable pattern.

6th Dec, 2018 04:02:56 AM

So, no sign of an existing trope? I could of sworn there was one.

6th Dec, 2018 06:02:30 AM

I do think Future Imperfect covers it. Maybe there's a subtrope to be TLPed, or maybe we have a related trope that's not linked, but I can't find it. The Britney Spears example from "The End of the World" is already listed, and while they don't have the Sir Mix-A-Lot example specifically, it would fit. We could probably expand Futurama into its own separate subpage if someone wanted to be really thorough about it.

Edit: There's Future Music, which is pretty broad but lists the both examples and describes the idea as "classical pop".

Edited by Unsung
6th Dec, 2018 07:47:03 AM

Classical pop seems to be more "futuristic music sounds like modern music with a few flourishes" than "contemporary pop is classic in the future".

6th Dec, 2018 08:18:27 AM

Well, it's just a term someone made up, but it seems kind of appropriate to me. Anyway, the Sir Mix-A-Lot-as-classical music example was on there, along with "traditional gangster rap" and "The Hustle" as the music of Fry's people.

Just found this in the search. A Little Something We Call "Rock and Roll"? Seems like some of these should be listed as related tropes.

Edited by Unsung