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26th Oct, 2018 02:48:42 PM

Here in ymmv. DCEU and narm dceu . The dude will delete anything that criticises the work. Sometimes for no reason.

They also deleted the Martha scence of all things in Narm DECU. Thats like one of the most (in)famous cases of narm in cinema.

Edited by miraculous
26th Oct, 2018 03:18:14 PM

One of the few edit reasons he gives for deleting stuff is on the Wonder Woman page: "That shit has been debunked long ago." Not the worst thing in the entire world, but still unnecessary.

It also looks like someone is actually readding the things that Saveelich deleted back onto the Narm page you linked. This was within the past hour.

26th Oct, 2018 05:27:06 PM

Please PM the other troper and advise them it's edit-warring. Saveelich has been suspended.

27th Oct, 2018 10:20:02 AM

If it would count as edit-warring to re-add them, what should be done about the deleted examples then?

Edited by FrozenEvilInALake

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