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13th Jun, 2018 12:25:38 PM

If we do I imagine it's something like American and Commonwealth Spellings, basically "first come, first served". That or use whatever is used in the work. If the work calls her a 50-foot woman, she's a 50-foot woman.

Edit: A search of the word "metric" didn't bring up any relevant Administrivia that I could find.

Edited by sgamer82
13th Jun, 2018 12:31:53 PM

Calling the eponymous 50-ft woman the 15-m woman is just silly. And if the page has both measurements, as in the Hiyokoi example, it seems like single-issue-wonkism to remove the imperial units. They're there as a service to American readers, so why not offer them that courtesy?

13th Jun, 2018 12:36:15 PM

That's a pedantic mess of edits, revert with prejudice. Who has something personal against the Imperial system?

Notably, the US and UK both use Imperial, and as an English-language wiki that would suggest it would be preferred over Metric. Of course, having both is good for aiding understanding.

13th Jun, 2018 02:06:18 PM

If a work uses one set of measurements then we should follow the work, but otherwise I am fine with first come-first served; most of the English speaking world is shifting to metric so it isn't a language thing per se.

13th Jun, 2018 11:34:46 PM

Difficult question. Imperial and metric unit systems are not as mutually intelligible as spellings are and the troper community is surprisingly international, so there is a case for both units to be used.

14th Jun, 2018 12:16:44 AM

Having both systems sounds like the most reasonable option though of course when it comes to things like "50-foot woman", the need to impress upon the reader how unusually large someone is, using just imperial measurements sounds like a better option to me.

14th Jun, 2018 02:43:36 AM

If there's an official number, that would take priority.