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16th May, 2018 05:39:35 PM

There shouldn't be a title in the URL anyway. That'd break Administrivia.Hyphenated Titles.

The hyphen is applied by Wikiword option, which is under the other options in that bar that has the edit button.

16th May, 2018 05:40:24 PM

A mod could un launched if it wasn't ready. If you are ok, you can go to the page and go to custom title.

16th May, 2018 05:55:45 PM

It should be noted that The Loud House Lynn Has A Dick launched Bait And Switch Time Skip, another trope from TLP, almost immediately after. They participated in neither TLP discussion.

They do have one other seemingly legitimate edit to their name, so it doesn't look like they're dicking around on purpose. Edit history

ETA: May have spoken too soon, as their sole previous edit is an Awesome Moment that involves a Panty Shot... on a seven-year-old. Gross.

Edited by mahidevrans
16th May, 2018 06:01:40 PM

Um... and maybe discuss their particular choice of username...?

I'm trying to figure out if it's transphobic or what.

Edited by DracMonster
16th May, 2018 06:33:20 PM

Is that really their handle? I can keep an eye on their launching behavior...

Berrenta MOD
16th May, 2018 06:46:45 PM

Wow, that's an unacceptable name. Time to send them out.

I'll unlaunch if they aren't already.

Update: Both unlaunched.

Edited by Berrenta
16th May, 2018 06:56:42 PM

Good riddance. Should the entirety of their Monica's Gang entry be zapped, or just the paedo-pandering bit?

Berrenta MOD
16th May, 2018 07:21:04 PM

Kill the paedo-pandering one if the other edit is fine.