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7th May, 2018 06:44:49 PM

They did remove a bit of Flame Bait from the Irony page back in 2016, not to mention said flame bait was cited by a link to The Other Wiki. If I recall, links to Theother Wiki aren't exactly recommended.

7th May, 2018 08:25:09 PM

Frankly, I wouldn't blame you if you had called for suspension. That Dethroning Moment edit seems very wrong to me. Not like the other stuff isn't concerning as well, but that bit in particular feels way over the line.

Edited by nrjxll
8th May, 2018 05:42:34 AM

^ I completely agree; the example is not only Complaining About Shows You Dont Like, but quite frankly absurd in premise: so Johnson could not only predict the future, but did the "wrong" thing out of spite.

Not even going to comment on the other part ("ugh" will suffice).

8th May, 2018 08:12:26 AM

To be fair, isn't Complaining About Shows You Dont Like exactly what the Dethroning Moment pages are for?

8th May, 2018 08:19:34 AM

^Not really. Dethroning moments are for parts that you don't like or broke your suspension of disbelief in works that you otherwise enjoy. Complaining about shows you don't like on the other hand isn't really allowed on the site as it easily devolves into negativity towards the work and the fans of that work.

8th May, 2018 08:21:11 AM

The only rule it's breaking right now is that it's unsigned. I'll go notify the troper.

8th May, 2018 08:26:23 AM

^^ I recall the mods saying more than once that that's precisely why they have the Dethroning Moments pages, to focus that negativity in one specific place.

8th May, 2018 09:19:18 AM

The entry itself feels wrong since it blames the director for an uncontrollable circumstance.

8th May, 2018 11:18:01 AM

Yeah, I'd definitely keep an eye on this troper. Not too long ago, he wrote a pretty concerning review that had to be taken down by the moderators. Let's just say that it didn't exercise even one shred of cautious editing judgment.

Edited by worldofdrakan
8th May, 2018 11:34:17 AM

That's all pretty concerning. I mean "feminazis and SJWS"? That's pure alt-right troll speak.

8th May, 2018 01:38:45 PM

So what action should be taken?

8th May, 2018 01:43:56 PM

Alert a mod to what's on their troper page? I don't know if there's specific rules about that sort of thing.

8th May, 2018 04:54:06 PM

We are discussing. In the meantime we will monitor edits.

13th May, 2018 12:50:03 AM

Sorry for the bump, but boy oh boy, it looks like he's at it again. This is a new edit he's made to his troper page: "Good Girls Dont Get Abortion: I ain't sayin' Planned Parenthood is the spawn of satan...except that's exactly what I'm saying."

Edited by worldofdrakan
13th May, 2018 01:53:51 AM

Dont you mean isnt? Because otherwise its "Yes! Yes! YES!" which is kind of weird.

EDIT:Nevermind, i saw the Aint.

Edited by AegisP
13th May, 2018 01:55:55 AM

HOLY CRAP! That page is terrible. Sorry for the double post but this guy is terrible.

13th May, 2018 06:28:00 AM

Yeah, his whole troper page is just... Incredibly cringy. But being cringy isn't against the rules.

He came to my attention when he posted an amazing review about how the feminazi SJ Ws ruined the MCU... you know, in that SJW movie Thor Ragnarok.

Just embarrassing. But if he's just embarrassing himself on his own troper page and Darth Wiki then I can't say I personally really care. But I haven't looked at his edits.

Edited by Larkmarn
13th May, 2018 06:34:11 AM

Yes, his page does seem quite bashy, if you know what I mean.

13th May, 2018 06:34:11 AM


Edited by QuantumMelody29
13th May, 2018 06:34:11 AM


Edited by QuantumMelody29
13th May, 2018 06:34:12 AM


Edited by QuantumMelody29
13th May, 2018 06:34:52 AM


While that might be true, if I'm not mistaken, what IS frowned upon here is not exercising good editing judgment. Certain hot button topics really shouldn't be discussed, especially not in a manner like this. But of course I can't speak for the mods. We'll just have to wait and see what they think should be done. Also, thanks for pulling up the previously mentioned concerning review. I'm sure that'll help in coming to a decision here.

Edited by worldofdrakan
13th May, 2018 06:37:35 AM

I agree with Aegis. Also, sorry for quadruple posting the same thing. I was lagging and I can't seem to be able to blank them.

Edited by QuantumMelody29
13th May, 2018 08:19:14 AM

Gotta concur with Larkmarn here. I'm also unsure about policy on Troper pages (and have no desire to even look at his), but let's just say that between the initial query, the Thor review and edits, and the copious use of "feminazi" and "SJW", there are a lot of red flags raised for violation of Rule Of Cautious Editing Judgment, at the very least.

Edited by mahidevrans
13th May, 2018 09:52:48 AM

Also throwing this out there. He seems so eager to be offended that he either misrepresents scenes or tropes to complain.

13th May, 2018 11:10:24 AM

Yeah, their sheer opposition of anything remotely feminist almost makes them look like that one guy who's the opposite of a feminist that I can't remember/spell the name of.

Edited by QuantumMelody29
13th May, 2018 11:10:24 AM


Edited by QuantumMelody29
13th May, 2018 01:13:12 PM

Regarding the original point, should the dethroning moment entry be cut?

13th May, 2018 02:08:20 PM

MRA or Men's Rights Activists, Quantum Melody.

13th May, 2018 06:22:40 PM

^^ I'd say yes considering the improbability of the entry, but I'd also like to have a mod verdict on the whole situation here, considering the new information that has come up.

13th May, 2018 06:27:20 PM

I cut it, since, if nothing else, it seems to be aimed directly at Rian Johnson specifically, which would violate the no Real Life Examples rule.

14th May, 2018 10:52:11 AM

Pretty sure this is the same guy who came to the Canadian Politics thread to rail against the government with bad arguments, accusations of treason, and links to Rebel Media, Canada's Fox News. The name sounds familiar anyway and I'm pretty sure that's where from.

14th May, 2018 10:54:50 AM

Would it be worth sending Tempest Knight a PM to join the conversation directly, so it's not just a three dozen post session of talking about someone behind their back?

14th May, 2018 11:52:00 AM

^^I already have sent them a message about this query. he knows about it. I can send a message requesting him to join in.

14th May, 2018 12:28:48 PM

As long as they're aware, was my main concern. After that it's their decision one way or the other to participate or not.

14th May, 2018 06:03:48 PM

Hello. The Nerf Guy has made me aware of this thread and asked me to join the conversation.

15th May, 2018 07:11:39 PM

Great. You've seen the comments, then. Since the mods are monitoring this issue, I'm inclined to wait for their input before proceeding.

15th May, 2018 08:01:55 PM

This entry is wayyyyyyyyy too long. Perhaps bring it the Discussion or make a forum topic?


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