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Have a question about how the TVTropes wiki works? No one knows this community better than the people in it, so ask away! Ask the Tropers is the page you come to when you have a question burning in your brain and the support pages didn't help. It's not for everything, though. For a list of all the resources for your questions, click here.

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12th Mar, 2018 08:40:11 PM

Zapped the Eskimos Aren't Real entry, it just seems silly to say that people don't believe that Asian or Black people exist

Edited by jormis29
15th Mar, 2018 02:46:45 AM

The "white morons" comment is a little disconcerting, especially since makes assumptions about other editors without warrant

Edited by jormis29
16th Mar, 2018 02:30:20 AM

Last edit was on Can't Hold His Liquor. It was removed too.

Should I PM him?

Berrenta MOD
16th Mar, 2018 12:38:03 PM

They'll need to explain themselves with the mods, since it's becoming a habit.


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