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11th Mar, 2018 12:14:42 PM

The trope Ronin mentions the modern meanings but I don't believe any of the examples use the modern usage. In any case, I wouldn't us it as a ronin in the modern sense is a student who is taking a year off to study to get into a school. Once they have been accepted to a school the term doesn't really apply anymore.

Edited by Daefaroth
11th Mar, 2018 01:28:49 PM

^ But "ronin" is well-documented (and well-troped here) to mean people taking gap-years to study to get into a college. My issue here is whether it can apply to a K-12 situation.

13th Mar, 2018 06:14:49 AM

Oh, In that case I'm not sure. However I do stand by my other point. If the series takes place after she has gotten into the school then she isn't a ronin anymore, so it doesn't really matter much if it had applied previously.

13th Mar, 2018 06:32:17 PM

Held Back in School- the modern slang usage of Ronin examples should probably be moved there as well, for the same reason that Knight in Shining Armor and Nice Guy are two different tropes. The trope isn't a list of times the word ronin is used to describe someone, its a list of examples of wandering warriors in the style of masterless samurai of feudal Japan.

Edited by Scorpion451
13th Mar, 2018 07:37:05 PM

^ It's now a trope definition issue and should not be discussed in TF. I will open a forum thread, probably in Trope Talk.