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7th Mar, 2018 09:46:32 AM

I mean, I know Peter Parker dies in Ultimate Spiderman and I've never read a Spiderman comic in my life, so I'd say it's justified.

7th Mar, 2018 09:54:06 AM

Strip out all spoiler tags, put a spoiler warning at the top of the page.

8th Mar, 2018 10:59:33 AM

Late-Arrival Spoiler is about the advertising and marketing for the work, not about It Was His Sled (where everybody knew it already). Regardless, there shouldn't be spoilers above the example line.

8th Mar, 2018 12:48:44 PM

The Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon even goes to Miles' Universe, where Parker is dead. And it's a few years old as well. No spoilers above examples, and if it's a It was his sled moment then doesn't need spoilers.

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