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22nd Feb, 2018 06:01:04 PM

Do you mean just a redirect?

22nd Feb, 2018 06:35:43 PM

I think so, alternative name pretty much means redirect.

22nd Feb, 2018 06:47:11 PM

Request it as a new post here, exactly as quoted:

"MarySuitor, MarrySue, and RelationshipStu to RelationshipSue"

Edited by Malady
Fighteer MOD
23rd Feb, 2018 06:44:58 AM

We only do trope redirects if there's a reasonable expectation that somebody will search for a trope under that name and doing so doesn't get them to the right page.

8th Mar, 2018 12:11:11 PM

Sorry, much going on so took me some time to check back. But no, that entry has some text telling alternate names. Is that very uncommon? And that is where I thought my suggestion would serve apurpose