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13th Feb, 2018 01:06:52 PM

Fighteer's last reply in your previous ATT query said that we don't support those pages. Again, the last known example of such a page got cutlisted because it was obviously getting clogged with trope misuses and notability issues.

13th Feb, 2018 03:00:11 PM

But there's no actual rule against it? I ask because I actually made a real basic one for the game Despicable Bear and would like to know if it's okay, needs improvement or needs to be cutlisted right away.

13th Feb, 2018 03:27:04 PM

I think the the only time weapons wereever sheeted were if they are important enough. Like the Infinity Stones from the MCU.

Edited by WhirlRX
13th Feb, 2018 04:20:42 PM

Not "important". They need characterization. The infinity stones don't provide enough characterization to section off the tropes related to them.

13th Feb, 2018 06:20:44 PM

The main issue with those Weapon sheets is that they usually fall victim to mass duplicate tropes and Zero-Context Example. Cool Guns, yay! But what else are you going to add that makes those guns relevant to the work?

13th Feb, 2018 07:30:58 PM

Thankfully most of the weapons (I use the term loosely though.) don't seem to have that problem. The only majorly repeated tropes on it are Shout-Out and More Dakka (Which I've been thinking about removing and simply putting on the Main Page. Though some of the weapons don't have an trope listed, though that's most the weapons of the Firearm category.

Also, since when has having duplicate tropes on a page been a problem. Just about every Character Sheet repeats a trope.

13th Feb, 2018 07:48:26 PM

Namespace explains what namespaces may be used. Weapons/ is not listed.

Zero-Context Example explains what context is needed for a trope. "Has two of them" is not sufficient context.