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9th Feb, 2018 08:49:21 AM

I think you can just list it as a trope and label the example as In-Universe.

9th Feb, 2018 08:52:59 AM

Say it is Used In-Universe. Lock please

Edited by lakingsif
9th Feb, 2018 09:55:48 PM

Why the 'Lock Please'? If anything that occurs in real life being used In-Universe means it can't be a trope half of this wiki wouldn't exist. Just Look At ALL the Truth in Television examples. This is not a question of "is this an In-Universe example", it's a discussion of WHY you can't cite Author Existence Failure as a Trope unto itself...

Edited by TheGhost
9th Feb, 2018 10:00:07 PM

It's already been stated that you can do that. If something we normally categorize as Trivia or YMMV is being used within a work instead of being used to discuss the work, that's an in-universe example.

10th Feb, 2018 06:52:38 PM

The 'lock please' is because the question has been answered correctly, and threads can dissolve in chit-chat on occasion. (Guilty) [embarrassed]

Lock please.