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9th Feb, 2018 03:04:53 AM

Not to sound trivial or rude, but... how about doing some research on Haunted Collector and flesh those examples out? I think it's the appropriate things to do.

Berrenta MOD
9th Feb, 2018 05:14:44 AM

Looks like the example section wasn't touched since the page's creation in '13 and last edit was for the description on Aug '16. It may be due for a cut.

9th Feb, 2018 11:48:00 AM

^^ Most of the examples are relating to episodes I haven't seen and wouldn't know where to look for.

10th Feb, 2018 07:19:29 PM

Doing research isn't always workable. You're using someone else's interpretation of what happened, and they may not have rendered it accurately.

For instance, when I took my daughter to the dentist the other day, they had Smallville playing on the waiting room TV. Since parents stay in the waiting room, I saw the whole episode of "Obscura".

Here's the thing. When I looked the up on the Smallville wikia later, the editors of the page rendered a couple scenes off. As they were written, they'd be examples of certain tropes. Based on what I saw myself, different tropes applied.

Unless you have the material in front of you to check, whether owning, renting, borrowing, Youtubing, streaming, etc., it's hard to put accurate tropes on the relevant pages.