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9th Feb, 2018 03:28:01 PM

Bump. He also has indentation issues and added a mis-indentened sub-example on PAW Patrol. Sent him a notifier for that, and may follow up with a PM.

Also added an "even more horrifying" example on The Grand Tour and then changed it to a third-level bullet:

  • Hammond's now infamous crash of the Rimac Concept One. Although the cameras cut out after he went through the rail, Richard's cry of "I've crashed!" and the subsequent bone-crunching noises as his car flips down the hill afterward are gut-churning all on their own.
    • Even more horrific, it's admitted that the car, even after that, due to thermal runoff, was still burning, and could potentially be still burning now.

Edited by jameygamer
10th Feb, 2018 05:49:17 AM

If Tropers.Gouken20xx is still doing these things, then he at least needs a tap.

Fighteer MOD
10th Feb, 2018 07:36:46 AM

They're still at it. Suspended.

11th Feb, 2018 04:53:53 PM

Going to revert edits such as The Grand Tour one. As that's a YMMV, is it good to delete?

11th Feb, 2018 07:53:15 PM

1) Does it use the trope properly?

2) Did the events actually happen?

If both answers are yes, edit it down to what happened and use of the trope. If either answer is no, cut or pull to discussion.