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8th Feb, 2018 06:44:07 PM

Please provide links to the pages where this person is doing this. It'll help moderators and even the more knowledgeable tropers to discuss over this person, either here or privately.

8th Feb, 2018 06:49:06 PM

Seems to be scattered around a bit. Here's the edit history:

First example of a possibly ship-heavy trope, and maybe an edit war and/or rudeness:

  • Hates Being Touched: Rey actively dislikes when Finn tries to hold her hand twice while running, and is not pleased when he uses her head as a support in the Millennium Falcon. She grows to move past this, taking the initiative by hugging Finn near the end of The Force Awakens and offering her hand to Kylo Ren so they can touch hands, or as much as they can via Force-bond in The Last Jedi.

Someone else removed the entry, citing a hug occurred in TFA. Apocrypha re-added it with the edit reason "So just note it was a piece of character development. No need to delete the whole trope"

8th Feb, 2018 07:24:32 PM

This person clearly has a personal bias/shipping bias towards Reylo. And both personal bias and shipping bias are not allowed here on TV Tropes—primarily because shipping is ugly. So this person definitely needs to be talked to about their blatant biases.

9th Feb, 2018 01:25:18 AM

^^ The Hates Being Touched entry is on Characters.Star Wars Resistance Heroes.

They didn't add that trope OR the spoiler, but they did readd the whole thing. It's at 2, and it takes 3 for an Edit War threshold.

I may PM them and the user who deleted it here.

9th Feb, 2018 06:31:55 AM

Ah, my apologies, in my rush to get one link I completely neglected getting another.

9th Feb, 2018 03:44:00 PM

I sent them a PM asking them to come to this thread.

9th Feb, 2018 08:34:48 PM

I'm here.

I hardly think re-adding a trope that was about a trait of Rey's character, not her relationship to Kylo, counts as shipping bias—the edit was about her relationship with Finn, even. And like jameygamer said, not only did I not put the spoiler there in the first place, it didn't escalate into an editing war—if the other troper had tried to delete it again, I would have PM'd them to talk or opened a discussion. My comment in the edit reason wasn't intended to be rude, but a critique of why the troper deleted it completely, and for that I apologize.

As for the No Yay, the entry was not very descriptive, only claiming the Ship Tease 'didn't help'. Didn't help how? Obviously liking a ship or not is subjective, but that's not what the trope is for. It's for suggestive material that either makes 'the average fan' react in disgust, or has unnerving undertones. The average look around reviews will show most either being neutral or positive towards the ship, and TLJ removed what made the ship controversial for most (namely, the potential incest).

My intention was not to be zealous—heck, I've added back things for 'opposite ships', like Finn/Rey moments in the heartwarming page. Most of my serious editing on the 'shipping' front was done back when the TLJ pages were a huge mess. When Word of God started confirming several matters, such as Kylo's intentions, I added mentions of them to clear up confusion.

Edited by Apocrypha