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6th Feb, 2018 10:48:21 AM

The content should have been removed from all the subpages. I started an ATT last year where a mod (Fighteer) determined that.


Linking to ATT threads doesn't work but it's here. If you search ATT for Undertale, it'll be on the first page of results.

Edited by bitemytail
6th Feb, 2018 12:02:54 PM

You could try linking the relevant forum threads:

Wiki Talk Thread: where we discussed what to do with these pages, and determined the best route to be cutting them

Short Term Project Thread: where we put said plan into action

If you wanna recreate the pages, it's gonna be a no from the higher-ups, and it's probably also gonna be a no if you try to merge it with the main page, as that's not how pages work. You can't just dump the fan works onto the main pages.

6th Feb, 2018 01:47:39 PM

You also might want to look up Weblinks Are Not Examples. Trying that anywhere on the site will get the answer removed, unless someone wants to fill it out.

7th Feb, 2018 05:21:10 AM

In that case we need to delete all the non canon pages for f.e. Harry Potter, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and so on, is that what you are saying? You allow them to exist. So Undertale's should be allowed too.

7th Feb, 2018 05:31:07 AM

They just haven't been cut yet.

7th Feb, 2018 06:28:24 AM

I believe most have been cut.

Edited by costanton11
8th Feb, 2018 12:01:04 AM

@akanesarumara: Do you mind posting links to some of those non-canon pages you mentioned? None of the non-canon pages were meant to survive (except for the few that were actually troping Canon Discontinuity materials), so if a few managed to slip under the radar somehow, it'd be useful to know which pages to cut.

8th Feb, 2018 07:05:44 AM

Many of the Undertale subpages have fanwork sections that need removing.

8th Feb, 2018 09:50:42 AM

People trying to do an end-run around "non-canon" page bans ughhhhhhhhhhhh

I don't suppose anyone's left a commented out note on any of said Undertale pages specifically saying to not put fanworks on the main game's pages?