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5th Feb, 2018 10:07:08 PM

Is this mainly one user doing this?

Fighteer MOD
6th Feb, 2018 05:11:21 AM

Those below-the-examples witticisms are known as "stingers". They are not banned by policy, and I'm not aware of a consensus for their removal.

6th Feb, 2018 06:30:08 AM

Trivia: not all pages with a Stinger is a reference to Statler and Waldorf.

Fighteer MOD
6th Feb, 2018 07:13:16 AM

Yes, I know that. The main argument against Statler and Waldorf stingers is that they are overused and therefore stale, but that's not a prima facie reason to cut them.

Edited by Fighteer
6th Feb, 2018 11:11:37 AM

I rather expected you to know that, and was adding a trivial bit of information so that other tropers who might not be as familiar with the site would be aware that The Stinger was not required to appear in that specific form.

Fighteer MOD
6th Feb, 2018 11:33:06 AM

The page for S&W says that changes to stingers should be discussed. It doesn't seem like these deletions are respecting that rule, and whoever's removing them also is not removing the indexing from the JFF page. Incidentally, that should also be removed. Don't index from JFF's.

6th Feb, 2018 01:48:44 PM

Tropes Forever: Have you seen one person doing the deletions, or several?

6th Feb, 2018 02:29:17 PM

Discar removed them from Chick Magnet and Naked People Are Funny at least, possibly some other pages as well.

7th Feb, 2018 11:17:54 PM

Do I have a feeling that S&W is becoming a Discredited Meme, much like Candlejack?...

8th Feb, 2018 01:15:50 AM

Yannow, we did have such a discussion seven years ago in the forums. The status quo has not changed.

9th Feb, 2018 07:36:36 AM

If I may ask... what do you do if you want to add a new S&W stinger? The S&W page says you should ask on one of the discussion pages, but it seems like barely anyone uses those.

I asked on the discussion page for Monster Clown if I could add a stinger there. That was years ago, and I never got a response. I decided to go ahead and add the stinger last year, and no one seems to have taken issue with it.

11th Feb, 2018 02:37:34 PM

So, can we restore the cut stingers, or what?

21st Feb, 2018 04:51:42 AM

If they were unilateral changes I imagine you could add them back.

21st Feb, 2018 05:16:42 AM

Re-added the stinger to Jewish Complaining.

[ETA] Sent them Discar message and directed them here.

Edited by TheNerfGuy
21st Feb, 2018 07:25:49 AM

I've been cutting S/W stingers when I see ones that don't make sense in context... which usually means all of them. It's very, very rare for a Statler and Waldorf stinger to be appropriate in context. Hell, stingers in general are usually just random memes, but those are the most blatant. Anyway, I'm certainly not on a dedicated campaign to get rid of them. I vaguely remember a few I left alone, but this has been going on for years, so who knows if they're even still there.

22nd Feb, 2018 09:10:59 AM

If the issue now is just cleaning up and discussing which entries to keep, remove, re-make, revise, or make, then I think a projects thread could be useful rather than using this ATT thread.

The question seems to have been answered: "Is there official mod ruling on [thing]?" Answer: "They aren't banned by policy" and "The status quo [from the previous discussion] has not changed."


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