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5th Feb, 2018 02:19:42 PM

I think you asked the same question already? It's No examples listed on the main page.

Requesting lock.

5th Feb, 2018 03:30:44 PM

If it helps, a lot of these pages that say that tend to be vague enough that people confuse it with "no examples on subpages" too. I've noticed this a lot before. Not sure what to do, besides maybe open a Wiki Talk thread and dredges up some examples. Then it should be easy to clean up by simply fixing a bit of wording on the proper pages.

5th Feb, 2018 04:17:22 PM

It's pretty clear: unless it has the flame bait banner, you can put it on work pages/subpages.

7th Feb, 2018 07:22:53 PM

Why would subpage examples be allowed but not examples on the main page? That defeats the,purpose of not allowing examples. It's on Example Sectionectomy under "Too Contentious"; the way it is now, we'll just have edit wars on the subpages.

7th Feb, 2018 08:09:15 PM

It is ymmv, so it can go on ymmv as subjective. If there are examples on the main page, it suggests they are official or at least commonly agreed upon. Quite a few ymmv tropes do have such examples, this is clearly one that does not. It was never not allowing examples, you misunderstand: it just said there are none that are accepted enough for a main page.

Tl;dr they are and always have been, with basically zero edit wars

Edited by lakingsif
7th Feb, 2018 08:35:51 PM

^ By the same logic, doesn't featuring the subpages on the main page suggest that they are official or at least commonly agreed upon?

7th Feb, 2018 09:14:18 PM

It means they exist and needed to be indexed.

9th Feb, 2018 12:55:17 PM

Then saying it's had an Example Sectionectomy is misleading. What if someone decided to create a work-specific subpage of Fan Dumb, Mary Sue or Unpleasable Fanbase? Would that be okay.

9th Feb, 2018 01:13:51 PM

Those are Flame Bait. If someone has made a page for them, they need to be cut immediately.

9th Feb, 2018 05:17:19 PM

Try any other trope under "Too Contentious" on Example Sectionectomy. Why would edit wars be more likely to occurr on a non-subpaged trope?! Squick is on that list, but isn't Flame Bait, and if it allowed examples, there'd be enough for many subpages. I'm going to go create them now (kidding).

9th Feb, 2018 07:56:38 PM

You are completely not getting it. Many YMMV pages have Squick examples on them (YMMV.The Good Doctor, off the top of my head, for example). All those pages that aren’t flame bait are allowed to be listed on ymmv/appropriate pages. If there is a specific page for that contentious trope for a work (like the subpages your question was about) it just means that work got so many examples of the trope that it needed to split off from ymmv. Everyone else seems to get this, there have never been issues with examples for these pages. It’s pretty easy to work out how the system for these cases is being undertaken.

Unless you can see misuse or edit warring on the pages in your query, this is done. Will someone please lock the thread.

9th Feb, 2018 08:13:40 PM

The problem is that since those example subpages are focus on specific works, putting them on trope page is equal to putting examples on it.

At very least those links should be removed from They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot, and Crossover-Enthusiast (the one who added them) need a tap on shoulder (they use hyphen in username, which we discourage anyway).

Edited by Kuruni
9th Feb, 2018 08:26:53 PM

They need to be indexed somewhere, potentially they could be listed with the main trope on Example Sectionectomy or Unintended Reactions To This Index, but there doesn’t seem to be misuse. Also, IMO listing subpages is not the same as listing examples, but you can think differently. To change the standard of where example sectionectomy trope subpages are indexed would take a special effort thread, if you want to do that.

9th Feb, 2018 09:49:19 PM

"They need to be indexed somewhere"

And with that, I start to think that those subpages should be cut on the ground that they have gone too far. The trope itself note why it should have no example because "[...]being a matter of personal tastes for some, and examples could easily get excessive." If a work need subpage, then clearly it's already get excessive.

9th Feb, 2018 09:59:55 PM

^^^ If I hadn't been dumb and put CrossoverEnthusiast under a email I couldn't access, this account wouldn't be a thing.

And like lakingsif said, I was just trying to index them somewhere. I even made a query about where to put TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot.Steven Universe before putting it on the main page.

...And you know, since that resulted in the page getting unjustly cut and... this entire query, I'm kinda regretting that decision.

Edit: Ninja'd. By the same person I was responding to, no less.

Edited by Crossover-Enthusiast
9th Feb, 2018 10:20:21 PM

I've removed the links because they are tantamount to examples. Lots of Recap pages have individual subpages that are too numerous to index. So they can stay.

I've had some issues about use of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot, but that's a separate issue.

9th Feb, 2018 10:24:54 PM

Kuruni, that is actually a very good reason why subpages are a good idea. I am thinking you are also misinterpreting the purpose of A. The subpages B. Ymmv tropes and pages, and C. The no examples (on the main page) please.

Since your grammar in all your replies is severely lacking, it would not be a surprise if your comprehension was, too, so perhaps you don’t get how the system functions but it does and your opinion that it’s 'gone too far' (in whatever arbitrary sense you mean it) doesn’t really have an effect on need or purpose.

So, again, since this query is meaningless and going nowhere please lock it.

Edited by lakingsif
9th Feb, 2018 11:09:45 PM

I agree with lakingsif. Please lock this query before it gets anymore out of hand.

Also, laking, you're apostrophes are text gibberish.

9th Feb, 2018 11:41:41 PM

^^ It's disturbing that you're so rush to have this question locked despite we've no consensus on the issue yet. Also how you claim I misunderstand the propose of those three things like you're authority around here.

I think we need mods' verdict here.

10th Feb, 2018 01:12:28 AM

I am aware of the apostrophe thing. It only appears for other users though so I don’t know how to fix this.

Kuruni, it is rather clear but in any case it doesn’t matter because the original question has been resolved and nobody is trying to reach any consensus. I’m not even sure what you think this thread is supposed to be if you’re waiting for consensus on some unknown thing. And again, your grammar and command of English are too poor to be concerned about me, and sure indicators that there is a very likely comprehension gap.

Edited by lakingsif
10th Feb, 2018 01:54:11 AM

It's more like you want to ignore it and instead just attack my grammar. It isn't great, indeed, but I'm pretty sure it's enough to deliver message. It isn't like we require perfect grammar in ATT or forum.

The question of this thread is "if They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot is supposed to have no examples, so why does it have four example subpages?" And at this point, I think it shouldn't. Yes, it's YMMV. And yes, we usually allow to list example in work's tropes list for a trope with "No examples, please" statement. And yes, when a work has too many examples for single trope it will get subpage for that trope. But the problem with the page in question is that the nature of it make it easy to go overboard, not controversy. So when it has so many examples that it require split, then it's clear that there're too many examples for it.

And yes, all pages have to be indexed, but by add them to They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot it's effectively list them as examples on that page. And that's another reason why I think those subpages are better gone.

Well, you probably just ignore my point and make another attack on my grammar and how you think I'm too dumb to understand some simple concept, but I'm pretty sure other get it.

Edited by Kuruni
10th Feb, 2018 02:09:22 AM

Sigh. Looks like I will be explaining this. The page says to not list examples because the list could get too lengthy. This clogs up the page, but does not mean that long lists are inherently bad; in fact they are encouraged to be encompassing of all audiences. This means subpages are good.

In any case, the question was WHY it has subpages, not 'does Kuruni think it should have subpages?' In the very first comment the actual question was answered. You commenting at all took the thread off topic, you should know. And the point you try to make there is flawed based on a flawed interpretation, which from my first paragraph of this comment should hopefully be made evident to you; if not, well, read on.

The problem with your grammar (including of simple structures) being consistently awful means that you do not have a good handle on the syntax and structure of English which almost guarantees that your understanding is flawed and so you may be unable to even see where you are missing things that people who know English find easy and obvious. This conversation has been so extruded because people like you who think they know English but do not keep trying to ask the same irrelevant and obvious things even when they have been explained because they just cannot understand those explanations completely.

In short: I understand what you are trying to say, but it is wrong and I dont think you understand why it is wrong, which is the main problem.

And for completion: you said it was disturbing (wildly hyperbolic choice there) that I wanted a lock. No. You steered the conversation wildly and pointlessly off course so it needs a lock to prevent getting out of hand especially when further comments are not benefiting anyone because everyone understands the point already because it is obvious. If you have any more accusations to throw my way I trust you can find the pm function. Please stop commenting so useful queries can get some screen time.

VV no need for discussion, just wait for a lock.

Edited by lakingsif
10th Feb, 2018 02:25:22 AM

This is getting long. Maybe we should take this discussion to the trope's discussion page.

10th Feb, 2018 02:44:10 AM

Yep, definitely regretting decision.

10th Feb, 2018 09:32:57 AM

Original question was answered. "Why does it have four example subpages?" Because an Example Sectionectomy does not make all examples on the site verboten but rather examples on the page itself.

The next few questions were also easily answered: This is not Flame Bait, so it isn't totally forbidden.

Can this overly-long query be locked? At the very least, this is a topic for Wiki Talk concerning how to handle cases of Example Sectionectomy where there are subpages.

10th Feb, 2018 12:53:07 PM


The personal attacks in this thread were deeply unnecessary.