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5th Feb, 2018 08:12:03 AM

You should message the creator and see if they intend to finish the page first.

5th Feb, 2018 08:37:27 AM

PM sent along with an indexing notifier.

5th Feb, 2018 01:46:17 PM

Noting, Work Pages Are A Free Launch. TLP can be useful, but not necessary.

Although in the case of this comic, I would have recommended the Sandbox namespace. Stuff there is considered under construction by default.

8th Feb, 2018 06:02:46 AM

So far in three days, the user has logged in twice, but hasn't responded to my PM or the notifier at all. Do we need to give it a bit longer or go ahead and cut that comic page?

8th Feb, 2018 06:37:28 AM

I'd cut it. They've had adequate time to reply. They can always remake it later if they want to.