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3rd Jan, 2018 12:01:19 PM

If the replacement violates Image Pickin', I think you'd be okay putting it back. But they're a link to the image picking them in the pages source so might be with double checking that, first.

3rd Jan, 2018 12:13:06 PM

I'd change it back, assuming the thread didn't decide the caption.

3rd Jan, 2018 12:36:55 PM

We have a caption repair thread for discussing changes to captions (courtesy link). That said, I'm not sure a caption is necessary at all for that image. Both of those captions work equally well, and if the first one had consensus of some kind (either on the old IP thread or the caption thread), then I'd say use that caption, otherwise either could work for me personally.

3rd Jan, 2018 12:52:13 PM

The source comments both state the image and caption were picked through the appropriate threads, with links to both, and as stated in the OP I did not find any evidence of discussion on bluewarbler's change in either of them. As such as sgamer82 and bitemytail suggest to change it back, I've done so, with the previous sentence as the edit reason.

@Water Blap

I feel bluewarbler's caption does not work as well as it doesn't clarify to readers not familiar with the Mario games how the image applies to the trope.

Edited by homogenized