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2nd Jan, 2018 02:41:17 PM

I'm pretty sure it's not allowed.

2nd Jan, 2018 04:17:30 PM

I'm fairly certain that ROM hacks are illegal by definition, and Tv Tropes does not allow linking to illegal content.

2nd Jan, 2018 10:14:58 PM

^^ It depends on how they're distributed. ROM hacking itself is legal in the United States, as long as you don't distribute pre-patched roms or anything like that. Also, if the patch received a cease and desist, it's obviously off limits here.

Most IPS/UPS patches are almost certainly fair game, because they contain no copyrighted content, but other types of distribution are more questionable.

Project M in particular is off limits because of the nature of its distribution, even ignoring the potential cease and desist from Nintendo.

2nd Jan, 2018 11:08:05 PM

Well, to be clear, Nintendo never sent a C&D. The lawyers suggested it could happen, which had the team decide to shut it down.

That said, it's legally dubious, and even though technically legal, it's only mostly because the companies don't care enough. It's better to not distribute them here. Only completely legal stuff like Zelda Classic has links to it, plus, do we need a link to it? The romhack already has a page name. People can google it just fine.

3rd Jan, 2018 01:53:29 AM

Just don't do this.