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2nd Jan, 2018 02:11:09 PM

I added a request to help in the AoT forum thread, since I can't look at it myself right now.

2nd Jan, 2018 02:15:30 PM

For what it's worth, the info send factually correct at first glance. There's definite room to trim, though.

2nd Jan, 2018 09:17:53 PM

Okay, took a crack at the entry. Seems a lot more concise now.

4th Jan, 2018 12:54:52 PM

Hey guys, I just took a look at the new entries on the Anti-Villain page, and as a follower of Attack on Titan I must say that, they need to be more spoilered out, the first entry in particular is a huge Walking Spoiler, many fans who are anime-only come to this website and they are going to be very spoiled by that page.

4th Jan, 2018 12:56:40 PM

Can probably with in that. I hadn't been thinking of the anime only side of things, to be honest. Still, the whole point is not too over do it so maybe another rewrite is necessary .

Edit: Added a few spoiler tags to keep things more obscure. At the very least, anyone who knows the series and isn't aware of what's to come shouldn't be too spoiled nor too confused by the entry.

Edited by sgamer82