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11th Dec, 2017 03:55:42 AM

With only 3 major countries on continental North America it is hard to try and slip one in and pretend no one noticed it on the map before. It may have been done with fake island nations at some point but I can't think of a case off the top of my head.

The parallel tropes that are more likely to apply in that situation would be Divided States of America or One Nation Under Copyright. That gives the author some wiggle room to invent new places.

Banana Republic can be used for fake Central American countries, which would be part of North America.

Edited by Daefaroth
12th Dec, 2017 12:41:32 PM

North America is also prone to being depicted in really generic swaths like The Deep South, Eskimo Land, and South of the Border, where the farther you get from stock locations like Tijuana and Dallas the hazier which state/country you're in becomes.

12th Dec, 2017 02:05:20 PM

@Daefaroth Actually, North America begins at the Panama-Colombia border, so any fictional Central American countries would be aversions of the trope (example: Isthmus from the Bond film Licence to Kill). Ditto the Caribbean is officially part of North America too.

1st Jan, 2018 01:52:40 PM

What type of series would fit such a trope? All series that have non-NA fictional countries that based off real world?

Also, immediately off my head I can think of a few series that do have NA-based fictional countries like Code Geass, Youjo Senki, Gundam 00, Seed, and so on

Edited by c933103
1st Jan, 2018 02:39:46 PM

Princess Protection Program had a fictional island country in the Carribean or something.