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14th Nov, 2017 12:18:45 PM

I've seen Hype Backlash used on plenty of YMMV pages, so I don't think it's against to rules to list an example on a work's YMMV page. Flame Bait tropes are the only ones to my knowledge you're not supposed to post anywhere outside of in-universe examples,

14th Nov, 2017 12:38:10 PM

I think the difference between "No Examples, Please" and Flame Bait is that the former can go on pages other than its main one and the latter cannot be placed on any page whatsoever.

14th Nov, 2017 12:53:28 PM

Agreed. It had an Example Sectionectomy, but that doesn't mean it isn't allowed on pages.

15th Nov, 2017 04:30:01 PM

Wait — if entries for Hype Backlash are allowed on the wiki, why can’t they be on the page itself? I must be missing something here.

15th Nov, 2017 04:41:56 PM

The argument (which I've never really understood myself, TBH) is that having a bunch of examples on one page tends to result in excessive negativity, whereas it's less of a problem with isolated entries on individual YMMV pages.

15th Nov, 2017 08:37:24 PM

For some weird reason, certain negatively themed reaction tropes get All The Complaining on their pages -but work pages usually don't have that problem to that degree.