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9th Nov, 2017 07:28:10 AM

He also mis-indented the entry he added, and it had to be fixed by another troper.

Fighteer MOD
9th Nov, 2017 08:07:13 PM

Bounced. They can take their opinions to some place that will tolerate them.

9th Nov, 2017 10:10:32 PM

Someone named Dvandemon added something similar to the Flash episode page, being a criticism of a feminism message in the episode in the Narm section and being mis-indented. My Spidey Sense is telling me this is the same guy.

Edited by jameygamer
Fighteer MOD
10th Nov, 2017 03:29:44 AM

Definitely not the same person.

10th Nov, 2017 03:50:30 PM


Permission to remove again?