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8th Nov, 2017 09:02:56 PM

Hmm. At some point for most works, I think spoilers become time-release. I've never played the game, so I wouldn't know.

- 6

8th Nov, 2017 11:58:42 PM

Probably a simple intro line saying "examples on this page will contain Late Arrival Spoilers" will suffice. - 6

9th Nov, 2017 07:10:06 AM

The way I see it, it's not as it was revealed in a trailer that was released before the actual release of the game. - 6

9th Nov, 2017 08:37:42 AM

A Late-Arrival Spoiler is when the trailers, merchandising, and other officially released information spoil a secret. If that character's presence in the game has not been featured in any official ads or the like, then I'd say that we ought to consider it a spoiler.

Edit: After double-checking the page, yeah, it's a Late-Arrival Spoiler. Nintendo didn't care enough to not spoil her presence in the game before they released the game, so they probably considered it more like a reward at the end of the main story rather than something to keep a secret. - 6

Edited by WaterBlap
10th Nov, 2017 05:41:10 PM

So, un-spoil all references to her? - 6

10th Nov, 2017 06:28:26 PM

Sorry, I wasn't exactly explicit in what my opinion was. I think there should be a line saying "Examples on this page will contain Late Arivial Spoilers," and if it's necessary, you could also include a sentence explaining Nintendo revealed that spoiler before the game was ever released. - 6