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21st Sep, 2017 09:16:02 PM

Bump. It's been a week now and my post hasn't been responded to by anyone, neither from a more knowledgeable troper nor a moderator (moderators in particular for the two tropers I want to report).

Edited by mouschilight
22nd Sep, 2017 02:39:05 AM

Sorry, but you're going to need to cut that post down. That's way too much to take in.

23rd Oct, 2017 11:29:49 PM

Dang I completely forgot about this post. Welp, I'm coming back to it since Trustworthy 69 is STILL going at it with the shipping bias, lack of neutral wording, and Edit Warring.

And @jameygamer, what do you mean by "cutting that post down"? I will listen to and follow any advice that you give me, I promise, but I want to know and understand what you're talking about first.

Edited by mouschilight
24th Oct, 2017 01:54:10 AM

Its Too.Freaking. Long. There I said it.

Berrenta MOD
24th Oct, 2017 05:19:03 AM

Not many of us want to see a Wall of Text.

I will issue a suspension to Trustworthy, since that user is still at it.

Edit: Scratch that, there's a positive IP match with Random X. They're gone!

Edited by Berrenta
24th Oct, 2017 03:34:45 PM

Mousch, future reference? Paragraph breaks at the least. Please.

Maybe follow the rule my English teacher had: 3-5 sentences a paragraph.

24th Oct, 2017 03:37:28 PM

Berrenta, Candi, AegisP, and jameygamer, I apologize for the Wall of Text. For one, I didn't know that Wall of Text was a problem on ATT (I know it's a problem for actual editing, but I didn't know that it's also a problem here on ATT) until you said it was. Two, I didn't know how else to explain why these examples were wrong and full of bias, so I ended up writing a long explanation.

However, next time I report someone and give my reasons as to why they need to be reported, I'll make sure to remember this conversation and keep the details to a minimum, now that I know that Wall of Text is pretty much not allowed here on TV Tropes.

@Berrenta, may I be given permission to fix Trustworthy's edits? The ones that I called him out for in this post, mainly?

Edited by mouschilight
24th Oct, 2017 06:13:25 PM

Actually @Berrenta, before I do that, I just looked at Trustworthy's edit history again, and I see that he showed grammar issues and inserted shipping bias in Wouldn't Hit a Girl, Bridal Carry and Clingy Jealous Girl as well. Can I fix his edits in those three tropes as well?

Edited by mouschilight
24th Oct, 2017 07:17:29 PM

All right, I just fixed Trustworthy's bad editing in the Falling into His Arms, First Kiss, and Kiss of Life tropes, and I used this ATT discussion as part of my Edit Reason.

However, @Berrenta or any other moderator, my question still stands about Trustworthy's bad edits for Wouldn't Hit a Girl, Bridal Carry and Clingy Jealous Girl: May I be granted permission to fix his edits in those three tropes, along with any other bad editing that he and his former troper-alter-ego RandomX did?

Edited by mouschilight
25th Oct, 2017 03:02:48 PM

Go ahead. Reversion of (most of) a ban evader's edits, especially bad ones, is fine.

25th Oct, 2017 08:45:40 PM

Just fixed those entries. Hopefully this guy won't try to come back and ban-evade again.


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