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13th Sep, 2017 06:58:54 PM

How narrowly things should be split is based on how large/unwieldy the resulting folders would be. In that specific case, even the rather narrow folder divisions are giving folders a bit on the long side.

14th Sep, 2017 07:16:37 AM

Bumping because I feel a need for more opinions.

14th Sep, 2017 07:41:55 AM

On that page, I think most of the folders are rather short in content, resulting in too many folders.

Edited by Gosicrystal
14th Sep, 2017 08:25:19 AM

I'd say it's kosher if it's necessary to create manageably large folders. If there are a gazillion tropes starting with the letter A, I think it's better to break down the "A" folder further than to have a ridiculously long folder.

Note that it's quite common to do the opposite thing and have folders "A-E", "F-H" and so on, when there are too few examples for each letter to merit separate folders.

14th Sep, 2017 08:29:12 PM

It used to be the case that if a folder got above a certain length, the mechanism for opening and closing it broke, so then it had to be split. I don't know if that's still true, though.