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Berrenta MOD
10th Sep, 2017 03:05:51 PM

I believe that a past query stated that those subpages should be spoilers off. The rule is just not enforced as much.

10th Sep, 2017 03:11:28 PM

Funny Moments should be given a bit of leniency since I believe our Spoiler Policy allows keeping tags up for the sake of hiding punchlines.

Edited by Karxrida
10th Sep, 2017 03:14:13 PM

I agree that those pages should be spoilers-off, mainly because people don't follow the spoiler-tag rules that are written on Handling Spoilers, where it talks about how completely blanked out entries are discouraged; people STILL do a completely blanked out spoiler-tag entry. So I agree with Zuxtron.

Edited by mouschilight
10th Sep, 2017 03:49:14 PM

If these pages are already supposed to be spoilers-off, that should be mentioned somewhere in the definition. The closest one is Tear Jerker saying to expect spoilers, but never explicitly stating that spoiler tags are forbidden.

10th Sep, 2017 04:47:15 PM

Honestly, there are several things that should be added to the spoiler policy. However, one of the mos has warned that little, if anything, is added since it might turn the page into a cluttered mess.

10th Sep, 2017 07:51:06 PM

I'm conflicted. I agree with Zuxtron; if those pages are supposed to be spoilers-off, then the Spoilers Off page should say something about it. However, The Nerf Guy also has a point, because I too discussed this spoiler-tagging issue with a mod and I was told that if there is indeed a spoiler-tag anywhere, no matter the page, it should NOT be completely whited-out because that's not proper editing (see Handling Spoilers) and it ends up looking like a cluttered mess, so, if there needs to be a spoiler-tag, you need to leave enough words unspoilered to make sense. At least, that's what I took away from my conversation with that mod.

Now I'm unsure about the Awesome/Heartwarming/Funny/etc. pages because there's the Administrivia pages and then what Berrenta just said... :/

10th Sep, 2017 08:35:53 PM

I did a little digging on old queries and found the one Berrenta was talking about.

11th Sep, 2017 05:14:05 AM

If a mod said it, then do I have permission to add "no spoiler tags" to the pages' definitions?

Fighteer MOD
11th Sep, 2017 07:36:11 AM

Yeah, I'd say that's okay. Spoiler tags on Moments pages are both pointless and counterproductive.

11th Sep, 2017 09:00:58 AM

Agreed, those pages are after action report so to speak, highlights of key elements, you haven't much business reading them without watching the work first, in my opinion.

11th Sep, 2017 09:04:15 AM

Would this be a long term or short term project? I mean, there are a ton of these subpages that have spoiler markup on them, and other tropers are adding spoiler markup to them all the time.

11th Sep, 2017 09:58:20 AM

^ I agree with The Nerf Guy; there are A LOT of subpages that still have BAD spoiler markup (i.e., completely whited-out entries). I confess, I spoiler-tagged those subpages as well, but my objective in doing that was to minimize the all-whited-out entries due to what was said in Handling Spoilers, and that alone took about half an hour to do, for each subpage. However, that was before I saw this ATT post.

TheNerfGuy, I think it should be a long-term project specifically because of the many, many, MANY works that have bad spoiler markup in their subpages.

What does anyone else think?

Edited by mouschilight
11th Sep, 2017 11:36:36 AM

We might need a Long-Term Project since new pages are constantly being created, but this might fall under the jurisdiction of the pre-existing Violations of the Spoiler Policy thread.

Would a new thread be needed, or can we just use that one?

11th Sep, 2017 02:53:07 PM

Can the current thread handle the load?

11th Sep, 2017 03:18:25 PM

The spoiler policy violation thread is not very busy (it's been about two weeks since the last post), but at the same time this is a pretty huge undertaking considering how many pages are involved.


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