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12th Aug, 2017 10:38:35 AM

IIRC wasn't that case more "it looked so incompetent Vimes assumed it was a setup, which is exactly what was expected (since he was the one they needed to fool to get away with the assassination)" and not "Vimes didn't want to agree with the idiots".

Either way, it's still Hitler Ate Sugar, just on an individual level. Or perhaps Jerkass Has a Point / Dumbass Has a Point.

Edited by Bisected8
13th Aug, 2017 02:23:56 PM

The line is

You couldn't bring yourself to think the Klatchians might have done it. Because that'd line you up with the likes of Sergeant Colon and all the rest of the Klatchian-fags-are-made-of-camel-dung brigade.