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Fighteer MOD
12th Jul, 2017 11:05:33 AM

Yes, don't put spoiler tags on them. Kind of defeats the purpose of the subpages.

12th Jul, 2017 09:08:36 PM

Understood (bring out chainsaw).

12th Jul, 2017 09:15:00 PM

I don't think Spoilers Off or Handling Spoilers mentions that rule. The rule should probably be added there so that people can link to those pages in the edit reasons when removing spoiler tags from the Awesome/Funny/Heartwarming/Tearjerker pages.

12th Jul, 2017 09:31:21 PM

Yes, it should be add there. Currently I just link back to this querry.

13th Jul, 2017 05:00:15 AM

Does this apply to headscratchers pages too? They seem an odd place to put spoiler tags anyway, they are pages where people actively go looking answers to questions and issues they saw in the material. I've just come across one with a huge chunk of spoilered text in it.

13th Jul, 2017 05:38:40 AM

^I think the page does mention headscratchers, too.

13th Jul, 2017 06:18:26 AM

... I would assume if someone's on Headscratchers, they don't mind being spoiled. Or have finished the work.


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