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9th Mar, 2017 07:45:56 PM

As long as you include a non-stub description of the comic at the top of the page, at least three non-Zero Context Examples, and remember to index the page and crosswick the trope entries to the relevant trope pages, it should be fine. Just keep in mind that you're not allowed to add YMMV or other audience reaction examples (they're called audience reactions for a reason, after all; the audience sees them, not the author), and keep in mind The Fic May Be Yours, But The Trope Page Is Ours - you don't get final say on what goes on the page.

Fighteer MOD
9th Mar, 2017 09:19:12 PM

No abuse, just a request to create the article correctly, in compliance with our standards. That one was particularly awful, as most examples just had links to the comic as their context, which is completely unacceptable.

Edited by Fighteer

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