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2nd Mar, 2017 08:34:54 AM

Don't know that show, but reading the description on its page:

1. I've never read a text with so much instances of the word "Troll". Gah.

2. I still have no clue what this this show is about.

Needs some serious fixing.

2nd Mar, 2017 08:40:33 AM

I'm getting the impression he's Glenn Beck with a cowboy hat.

2nd Mar, 2017 08:49:22 AM

It reads like a random stream of consciousness of someone possibly on drugs.

To make a counter-argument though, is it possible that that page was trying to be a Self-Demonstrating Article in any kind of way, without making that clear?

Edited by LB7979
2nd Mar, 2017 09:35:14 AM

I don't think so. It's not bombastic enough to match what I'm assuming his tone is like.

Should this go to the crash rescue thread?

Edited by DracMonster
2nd Mar, 2017 07:39:08 PM

I'd say not. it seems too old for that.

From what I remember, the show was the target of frequent trolling from bronies due to the host lambasting the show. I'm not sure if it escalated beyond that fandom to the general 4chan userbase, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

I'd say it's a Real Life Websites thread issue. And that it risks running afowl of the No troping real life people rule (for the host as well as the trolls)


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