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30th Apr, 2011 07:50:09 AM

I see...

  • Complaining that a character's backstory came out of nowhere
  • complaining about the editing
  • claiming that something is "out of character"
  • claiming that a character is acting a little hypocritical (I think, not exactly sure what this one's saying. It seems valid to me)
  • Complaining about a character action you don't agree with
  • something about a character being readmitted (this one also seems valid)

It looks like most of the ones removed were things that don't belong on the page.

30th Apr, 2011 09:49:52 AM

Just to be clear here, Headscratchers are for discussion of Fridge Logic, not about "X makes me angry".

30th Apr, 2011 02:19:31 PM

Not necessarily fridge logic. Just general "I don't understand/want to know X." That said, "Why does X suck so much" is not a valid Headscratcher.

30th Apr, 2011 05:50:06 PM

I think a character acting hypocritical isn't a plot hole. I think it's a character acting hypocritical. Acting like a human being. I don't see why that deserves mention at all. It's "Hey, what about...?" not Complaining About Character Actions I Don't Like.

Edited by EponymousKid
30th Apr, 2011 09:52:42 PM

Well, it could spark a discussion about why a character is acting a certain way, what circumstances make the two situations different (at least in the mind of the character), etc.

Also, Headscratchers isn't just for plot holes, so "not a plot hole" doesn't necessarily mean "doesn't belong on the page". The guideline is "Sincere questions (that aren't stealth complaining)". It's entirely possible that somebody saw what appeared to be contradictory positions, and was asking for the aid of others in gaining understanding.

1st May, 2011 03:20:21 PM

Okay, maybe plot hole wasn't the proper term. I thought Headscratchers was for Fridge Logic material (though the issue's a little confused since there's a separate Fridge/ namespace now). "Why did This Character do something I don't like?" isn't Fridge Logic, it's complaining.

1st May, 2011 03:26:50 PM

^Fridge items are stuff you realized some time after viewing the work. Headscratchers are questions about works you want the answer to.

1st May, 2011 07:30:59 PM

With Fridge Logic, though, it gets fuzzy, because most, if not all, of the appropriate questions on Headscratchers are basically Fridge Logic put into question form. "Why did This Character do something I don't like?" is complaining, but only because of the "I don't like" qualifier.


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