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12th Feb, 2017 01:01:38 PM

If she airs these things in the work itself, I'd guess it's okay under the umbrella of Real Life Writes the Plot to mention it.

Edited by shoboni
12th Feb, 2017 01:12:22 PM

There is no catch. That has nothing to do with "no troping real people." That rule specifically applies to creator pages, useful notes, and fandoms/userbases. If all instances of someone basing something in their work off of something in their real life fell afoul of the rule, nearly all fiction ever would be affected. See Write Who You Know.

As long as you're troping the work and not the creator, there's nothing to worry about.

13th Feb, 2017 09:26:17 PM

It's like troping a stage persona. Don't trope the RL person's heartbreaks, but you can trope the persona's lousy relationships. (For an example.) The latter are all part of the show, while the former is very personal.

14th Feb, 2017 04:55:27 AM

You can also say that even if a fictional character is based on a person in real life, the fictional character is still fictional and not a real person. It's OK to trope the character's action in the work, even if they're based on what the real person did in real life, because it's still a work of fiction.

14th Feb, 2017 10:44:21 AM

Well the comic's author updated the main article leaving only the YMMV page untouched (since it's not allowed for authors to work on YMMV pages about their works). I guess this matter is moot now?


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