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20th Oct, 2016 11:31:13 PM

This maybe.

  • Though Jean Gray is often thought to have died and come back multiple times (possibly the result of adaptations of the original story), the ''orginal Jean Gray died and stayed dead. Jean Grey wasn't actually meant to die at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga (as stated by Claremont and others), and it was the intention from the beginning to bring her back, just not as a super hero who committed genocide. She has yet to return only because Joe Quesada demanded her death and enforced a "dead means dead" policy concerning her, out of his "characters are 'more interesting' without their Love Interest" beliefs. They got around this by eventually bringing in a teenage, time-displaced Jean in All-New X-Men.

That gets rid of most of the natter, I think.

21st Oct, 2016 01:29:31 AM

Also, while I'm no defender of Joe Quesada, considering that this isn't a YMMV page the example could definitely stand to lose some of the editorializing about him.

21st Oct, 2016 04:42:15 PM

Okay I added the first part of the proposed edit, cut the redundant example and cut the part mentioning Joe Quesada

Edited by MorningStar1337

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