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Fighteer MOD
19th Oct, 2016 07:28:02 AM

Interesting. This didn't come up in their recent suspension over ZCEs, and would have been useful information then. There's no way to know for sure if it's the same person, since we can't compare account metadata across platforms.

Edit: Frankly, that Creator article looks almost entirely like self-pimping, since there are no published works to their name. Gonna cutlist and lock it and tell them to make a Troper page if they really want to worship themselves. Thoughts?

I also really want to make a policy page specifically to cover this... say, Auto-Erotic Troping. - 22

Edited by Fighteer
19th Oct, 2016 07:53:03 AM

I don't think anything would be lost by cutting it. There is a deviantart page that apparently has images and videos but... not exactly a narrative there. Though I almost want to leave it up to see what Rash does in response to the page's cleanup. Your call, of course.

And yes, that could certainly be a good Administrivia page. So much Small Name, Big Ego goes around on fanfic and Youtuber pages that I'd love something I can link to when I clean them up. - 22

Edited by Larkmarn
Fighteer MOD
19th Oct, 2016 08:42:16 AM

They said it was okay to remove. And I created that Admin article and am soliciting feedback. - 22

19th Oct, 2016 09:00:30 AM

Mmmk. I'm going to keep an eye on Rash because their editing... really is pretty subpar - 22

31st Oct, 2016 10:07:34 AM

So Rashandfierce got suspended for ZC Es, right? Because they're still doing it, despite the fact I've messaged them several times. The only reason I haven't reported them earlier is that most of their edits are Darth Wiki which is... well, not a big deal. But what few non-DW edits they are are problematic, both for ZCE and other issues.

The ZCE thing and the gushing about certain characters are their most consistent issues, but something is off in almost every single one of their edits - 22

16th Nov, 2016 07:59:11 AM

So, yeah. I don't know if this got addressed in her last suspension but there's still... a lot of gushing about attractiveness by Rash And Fierce. And what I personally think is a misuse of YMMV.

Lots of problems.

- 22

Edited by Larkmarn
Fighteer MOD
16th Nov, 2016 08:56:18 AM

Well, chances were given. /sigh Terminated. - 22

16th Nov, 2016 09:02:15 AM

Going to clean up some, then. - 22

15th Feb, 2017 05:54:48 AM

InvaderYoukoChan is clearly a sock, what with editing RAF's non-existent work's page.

Still has ZCE issues. Along with creepy edits. And considering herself a demographic. And example indentation. And using TV Tropes to effectively host fanfiction. And making up memes.

Basically they've fixed nothing in terms of their lousy editing. Permission to cut any pages they've made? - 22

Edited by Larkmarn
15th Feb, 2017 07:34:12 AM

Both accounts sent to the Outer Realm. Go ahead and cutlist these pages. - 22

Fighteer MOD
15th Feb, 2017 07:48:23 AM

Yes, please cut. That troper was already dealt with. - 22

15th Feb, 2017 07:52:31 AM

At what point do we cut Darth Wiki pages for unpublished works by banned users?

I'm cutlisting DarthWiki.Portal Cartoon since it was made after being banned, but DarthWiki.Toonami Spatial Absolution and DarthWiki.Toonami Jungle Bass were made by the same user before they were banned. Since that user isn't going to be back (in theory) should we cut them?

- 22

Fighteer MOD
15th Feb, 2017 08:01:58 AM

Yes. If someone ends up troping the real works once they're published, it'll be fair game. Until then.. - 22

15th Feb, 2017 08:08:37 AM

Alright. Mostly cleaned up their wiki edits, and cutlisted all their fictional works that exist only on TV Tropes' servers. - 22

3rd Nov, 2017 01:11:01 PM

Noticed another of their nonexistent works. Added it to the cutlist.

Any chance that YuukiT03 isn't the same person? They share Rash's focus on the character of Swayzak and a few other issues. If there's not a positive IP match, I'll go into detail when I get a minute. - 22

Edited by Larkmarn
Fighteer MOD
3rd Nov, 2017 01:34:14 PM

Definitely. Canned them. There's another account sharing their I Psnemophobic, but the edits don't seem at all similar. - 22

3rd Nov, 2017 01:40:09 PM

Lovely. I'll delete some of their worst stuff. Honestly, I'm too lazy to deal with it all. - 22

6th Nov, 2017 10:58:30 AM

Can we have a revert here? They expanded a bunch of commented out ZC Es, but instead of giving context, they mostly just used more Word Cruft. - 22

9th Nov, 2017 08:28:09 PM

Just for the record, they ban evaded as tokyouptown1 and spewed some malarkey, and also admitted to being hijhisonikku.

I know mods already dealt with it, but good to keep this in one place for future reference. - 22

Fighteer MOD
9th Nov, 2017 08:29:59 PM

Reversion done on that article. - 22

6th Dec, 2017 09:02:25 AM

Just found Darthwiki.Sonic CD The Movie and Darthwiki.Sonic And Knuckles, both made by Rashandfierce. Cutlisted them both. Mentioning here for the record. - 22