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15th Jul, 2016 05:16:41 PM There's a topic to request edits.

Unless you're asking our opinion on the edit.

16th Jul, 2016 05:45:56 AM

I seriously doubt this falls under It Was His Sled, just due to how recent the work is. Give it a few more months.

16th Jul, 2016 06:47:50 AM

I know nothing about the topic, but "two words: whatever" is a Zero Context Example

16th Jul, 2016 10:43:20 AM

5 years, Kytseo, 5 years. Please read Fan Myopia, and Handling Spoilers.

Edited by TheOneWhoTropes
16th Jul, 2016 06:57:56 PM

Irene: Huh, must've read the page wrong, but it seemed like this was the page. Thanks for the tip.

bwburke94: Huh, gotcha

Troll Brutal: I didn't know that, gotta keep that in mind.

The One Who Tropes: I remember seeing It Was His Sled being listed under more obscure works than Captain America, maybe I'm remembering wrong then. As for the spoiler part, which one of the spoiler rules does it break?, I reread the page, and it looked fine (maybe I'm being an idiot here, good thing constructive criticism is a thing). Besides, the listing was for a Signature Scene suggestion.

Cryptic Mirror: Maybe

Edited by Kytseo

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