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4th Apr, 2016 05:30:11 PM

Unless anything that entry says is actually untrue, there's no need to remove anything.

If a controversial social message has caused backdraft (I'm unfamiliar with the title, so I know nothing about this issue), then go ahead and add that to the trope. Not as a bullet point underneath, mind you, just incorporate it into the text.

Of course, since this is apparently a controversial topic we're talking about here, try to be as neutral as possible when writing about it. We don't want Flame Wars, from either side of the debate.

4th Apr, 2016 05:31:22 PM

I'm only asking because it involves that controversy.

4th Apr, 2016 05:59:14 PM


Then in that case, leave the example as-is.

4th Apr, 2016 06:34:46 PM

Mainly think that it wouldn't really be much of an Internet Backdraft issue if not for the controversy though. There are legitimate complaints, but it would probably get, at worst, average ratings if not for that and even if it still ended up with poor reviews it would probably not be enough to count as Internet Backdraft (and there are even people on the hyper-critical, generally anti-SJW RPG Codex who dont think the game is bad). We also have to consider that the game just out and thereare a lot of kneejerk reactions. There are people on both sides sending in fake reviews to alter the score, and it can also be perceived that when people are complaining about things like "poor writing" without giving any explanation it's mainly about this .

Ignoring this aspect in the entry would be ignoring the main reason for the backdraft.

Edited by supergod
4th Apr, 2016 08:33:00 PM

That particular topic is banned on TV Tropes due to it's being Flame Bait of the highest caliber, so I don't think you'll get an exception for this.

On the other hand, I still see no reason to delete the entry altogether, unless something about it is untrue.

4th Apr, 2016 08:40:24 PM

The stuff may be true, but I'm unsure that it qualifies for the trope just based on that.

Would it be alright to add to that list that some people complained about the social stuff?

Edited by supergod
4th Apr, 2016 08:46:51 PM

Honestly, it's sounding to me like the example should be cut. Having it not mention the issue you're all dancing around would be disingenuous at best, and mentioning it would be flame-war bait even if the site didn't have a policy against it.

5th Apr, 2016 04:58:12 AM

I think it should go too. Especially with a user now adding info about the developers asking for shills and Steam deleting reviews without mentioning the reason the whole thing started. It's skirting around the main issue and feels a bit dishonest. And it seems even more incomplete as more and more professional sites begin to weigh in on the matter.

At the very list the line about poor writing and dialogue should go (whether it's true or not), because that seems to be something that people are complaining about the least unless it's in relation to this issue.

Edited by supergod
5th Apr, 2016 06:47:21 PM

And as was inevitable, someone responded by mentioning the real cause of the controversy (or at least one of the three major points of it). There's no way we can have an Internet Backdraft entry for it and not expect the real underlying issue to get mentioned by someone or the other, especially with the original entry having such generic complaints (that wouldn't qualify another work for the trope (especially since at this point it's really difficult to tell what's genuine or not, seeing as how most user "reviews", positive or negative, are just as generic and undetailed). At least someone added another trope to the page so I can get rid of the entry without needing to have the page cutlisted (unless anyone has any final objections).

If any mods see this you can ignore the Cut List request. Not sure if there's a way I can remove the request myself.

Edited by supergod
5th Apr, 2016 10:42:20 PM

Well, I think I've been convinced that it might be better to nuke that entry after all. Looks like there's a flame war brewing.

Fighteer MOD
6th Apr, 2016 05:00:24 AM

Concur with nukage. I'll close this, post again if anyone tries to add it back.


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