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13th Mar, 2016 07:48:17 AM

'cause we can't find a non-self demo version. If as you say there is one you could edit ComicBook.Deadpool to contain said version.

13th Mar, 2016 07:48:27 AM

Did you go to the film page? Deadpool (2016)

Would it be acceptable to add a note at the top of SD page to direct to the movie version? I know the film tag is up there in the banner, but a little redundancy couldn't hurt surely? Just: "If you are looking for the 2016 movie, then you want to go here: Deadpool (2016)".

Edited by CrypticMirror
13th Mar, 2016 08:02:17 AM

It's right here, also checked the movie page but thats specific to the movie, the 2010 page are tropes relating entirely to the comics and few appearances on other shows

Edited by ninjasquirle
13th Mar, 2016 09:36:54 AM

I'd probably turn Deadpool into a disambiguation.


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