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20th Feb, 2011 01:44:07 PM

My gut instinct is to separate them out into a "Series X is the Trope Namer for the following:" section, with a succinct description of what inspired the name. That much is objective fact, even if you don't have to agree with the sentiment behind it.

Edited by Shale
20th Feb, 2011 02:32:17 PM

Agreed, except that "former Trope Namer" is a pretty pointless concept except to wiki historians.

20th Feb, 2011 03:15:00 PM

its good to know where trope names come from to better understand how the wiki works. If a work was trope namer then it should be noted as such even if it has changed since.

20th Feb, 2011 03:19:55 PM

Even though it isn't the Trope Namer, it's still such a core example of the trope that it was- the trope exists because this example prompted it. Thus, this information is worth keeping.

20th Feb, 2011 03:21:21 PM

So do we treat these particular entries like terrorists? Or would they be exempt?

20th Feb, 2011 03:44:18 PM

Given the current environment of no YMMV entries on the main page I thought it apt. But seriously what do we do with these particular entries?

20th Feb, 2011 04:43:06 PM

Erm, no not very apt at all, I mean I'm not that happy with the YMMV system myself, but I think that kind of statement is not going to help anyone. Personally I would suggest taking it to the Wiki Talk area of the forum and asking what to do about YMMV tropes on the trope namer pages.

Fighteer MOD
22nd Feb, 2011 07:05:02 AM

Trope Namers can go on the main article. One way to handle this is to create a separate section identifying tropes named by the work. You can supersecretspoiler "In Universe" to keep them from being flagged.


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