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1st Jan, 2011 04:44:04 PM

It's marked YMMV because when applied to works, your mileage may vary. The tag's correct, I'd say.

1st Jan, 2011 07:11:15 PM

What dose the quality of the work have anything to do with that?

1st Jan, 2011 09:02:49 PM

...Nothing? The trope even says the work has to be good quality. Answer this question: How do you determine if they're Doing It for the Art?

1st Jan, 2011 09:55:11 PM

If the creator says so. How is that YMMV?

1st Jan, 2011 10:57:24 PM

Looking through the Real Life examples, hardly any of them are said by the authors themselves. They're all fan opinions.

2nd Jan, 2011 01:03:43 AM

Those would be non examples. Its not YMMV at all.

2nd Jan, 2011 09:17:07 AM

You want to cut the Real Life examples, then? Fine, start a TRS thread.

Edited by KrisMahai
2nd Jan, 2011 06:54:09 PM

No I don't. Real Life for that is when creators are not in it for the money. It can apply to bad works like The Last Airbender and North.


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