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31st Dec, 2010 02:10:20 AM

Agreed. I have taken part in the discussion myself, but I honestly feel annoyed to death about this troper: Weird Raptor. He keeps on bringing the topic up and everyone else is sick of it already.

31st Dec, 2010 09:14:42 AM

Send a PM to FastEddie, since he's the only one with clean-up powers for discussion pages last I checked it.

I remember reading through it, and it's ridiculous how much of it is about whether Spoony is a total bastard or a guy under a lot of pressure. The only thing I've done related to him is watch his hilarious SWAT 4 videos, so I don't understand why everyone is getting all pitchforks and torches. (PLEASE DO NOT BRING THE DISCUSSION HERE, I JUST MEAN I'VE GOT NO PLACE IN THE DISCUSSION)

Is the page itself in turmoil? If it's undergoing an Edit War, the mods might lock it for a bit.

Actually, someone posted this before, but I think it got eaten by the bugs of doomymcdoomdoom.

FastEddie MOD
31st Dec, 2010 09:18:05 AM

Cleared out all the squabbling. I guess handing out bans is the next step.

31st Dec, 2010 10:05:54 PM

I brought this up earlier, glad to see it's been scrubbed.


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