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FastEddie MOD
29th Dec, 2010 11:43:49 PM

Not sure I get the question. Do you want to put up a bunch of instructions/bulletins about what does and doesn't work for a specific article? If so, perhaps a "Tips" namespace would be good.

Like this: In the URL of the article, change '/Main/'  *

to '/Tips/', press enter and edit up a page with the tips you want to convey.

In the main article, provide a link to the Tips page.

30th Dec, 2010 11:45:18 AM

That should work. Dethroning Moment Of Suck needs some extra guild lines. Thanks.

3rd Jan, 2011 08:35:32 AM

Actually, I think something like this for most of the YMMV pages would be useful to avoid having people bring up the "It's subjective, so you can't say it's wrong" argument.

3rd Jan, 2011 09:24:52 AM

^ Seconded. [/totally useless comment mode off]


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